Top-Sharp International Enterprise

Address: Unit B&C, 13/F, Wing Kin Bldg., No.4-6 Wing Kin Road, Kwai Fong, NT, Hong Kong

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ISO 9002 certified.  We have been an industry leader for over 10 years in the development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing





Top-Sharp International Enterprise is a professional agent and manufacturer as well as 
exporter in the home healthcare products and plastic parts for many years. 
Now production located in Canton, China, just near Hong Kong, where manufacture 
all the steel and aluminum tubing home care products 
have been proved an excellent factory manufacture products at a steady quality level 
under severe quality control procedure. We have been shipping products to all countries 
worldwide with large part in USA and Europe, also some other countries.  
We proud ourselves and glad to say that our customers are always satisfied with 
what products they can receive from us, hence to place us great repeat purchase orders. 
Meanwhile, we keep our customers closely informed if there are other new products 
announcements. As we know in this business, only you are competitive enough by 
staying with good costs. 
Specification assurance, severe Q.C inspection check, as well as new products 
development have been our focus in the company. Costs deduction solutions, 
product retail packaging, re-labeling and OEM, ODM 
business with the customers also play highly important roles in the company. 
With our manufacturing experience in this industry for several years, plus advanced 
knowledge in all R&D, we have all the confidence to manufacture all  DME (Durable 
Medical Equipments) with good quality yet low costs for our customers worldwide.
Our team consists of great numbers technicians from Taiwan and China who know 
all the medical field requirements to developments to develop and manufacture the 
qualified products as per FDA (510K), CE, TUV standard. All the efforts are contributed 
help with factory's products development and design job, plus quality assurance from
various testing machines also inspection gauges from our parts and semi-finished,
 finished  products. China nevertheless is the only best source for purchasing all those 
Home Health Care products, especially for those manufactured from the factory where 
are managed and supervised by Taiwanese management. Customers can really count on 
us sending products with excellent quality, low prices. So make

your correct and smart move to purchase products from us .

We always stand behind our products.


Our products lines include:

 --wheelchairs, Transfer Chairs of all series

 --Aluminum and Steel Rollators of all series

 --Walkers of all series, walker accessories



 --Shower Benches

 --Bathroom Safety Items, Grab Rails,

 --Hospital Bed, Power Mattress
 --Other OEM and DME products